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Bold Tones is Redefining Returns
for Home & Furniture Brands

We help online retailers overcome their #1 challenge:
Furniture Returns.

With e-commerce sales skyrocketing, so are return rates.

Furniture Returns
Larger, Heavier Items

This is the biggest challenge for sellers, for a number of factors:

Ships in Own Carton

Takes up More Warehouse Space

Higher Shipping Cost

Cartons Easily Damaged

The Challenge

When a customer returns an open carton furnishing item, it cannot be sold as new again. This results in hoards of ecommerce returns piling up in your warehouse. The little you can recover from reselling them as pre-owned barely covers the high shipping cost.

Your Warehouse Does Not Have to Look Like This.

The Solution

Let's Salvage Your Returns!

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We carefully unpack all returns and inspect it for damages, missing parts, and functionality. Each item is then graded by condition.

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Items are priced according to its grading, and sold as used in the Bold Tones exclusive local outlet. A portion of the sale is returned to your company.

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When an item is received in unsellable condition, it is safely disposed in our own facility.

How it Works:

Your customer's returns are routed to the Bold Tones facility.

Optional Features:

The Bold Tones Outlet

Bold Tones operates on a local market form, introducing an upscale twist to the traditional consignment shop model that customers love. Shoppers interact with us on social media and purchase the items in our physical storefront, so no shipping is involved.
All items are sold as used, to protect your brand value.

Bulk Returns

Do you prefer to handle returns yourself, but every day a few returns arrive, disrupting your workflow?

Bold Tones will consolidate all of your returns in the Bold Tones warehouse. We will then ship them to your warehouse when a bulk selection adds up, to minimize shipping costs and streamline your return handling process.

conditional Returns

Would you like to independently resell returns that are in like new condition, with intact packaging?

Bold Tones will grade returns in perfect condition to be returned to your company, so you can offer them for resale. The rest of the items will either be sold in the Bold Tones outlet or disposed, based on condition.


Is your warehouse filled with overstock items that you want to liquidate?

Bold Tones will sell your overstock items directly to the consumer, ensuring higher profit and retained brand value than traditional liquidation options.

We handle
all of 
your returns in our 
state of the art warehouse, from receiving 

Bold Tones

you enjoy freed-up warehouse 
space and 
operations, while earning higher 
recovery rates 
on returns. 

Your business

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